Rabu, 11 Februari 2015

2015 Ford F-150 the Best Selling Vehicle

2015 ford f150
The importance of the new-for-2015 Ford F-150 pickup in all probability doesn’t got to be highlighted—but we have a tendency to wish to write, thus here’s a refresher: For the past 30-odd years, the F-150 has been the bestselling vehicle within the U.S., period. To you, this implies you’ll see lots of F-150s daily, recent and new, doesn’t matter, you'll see one—or a hundred and fifty. To Ford, having the F-150 is such as having associate obscure, wealthy uncle die each single year, abandoning a pile of money. It’s a constant—pretending for an instant that the Ford Motor Company has associate endless annual offer of faceless , loaded, and doomed family unit members—there to feature icing atop the record in sensible years and facilitate shore the corporate within the dangerous years.

With the F-150’s comparatively comfy sales dominance in each the pickup phase and also the passenger-vehicle market overall, it might be understandable—smart, even—for Ford to easily nip the truck here and tuck it there and decision the result “new.” However, with the 2015 F-150, Ford failed to play this safe game; it instead turned the playbook turned and clad a really new product. For such a stoically yankee vehicle format, the motortruck seldom invokes the word “revolutionary,” however we expect Ford’s new workhorse would possibly simply have attained such thought. That’s as a result of rather than a steel cab, the F-150 contains a light-weight (and sure pricey) metallic element cab, as we have a tendency to expected, that chops up to a claimed 700 pounds from the truck’s curb weight. another ford vehicle can be choice maybe is new ford bronco 2015.

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